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Soko + UNTF Bracelet Set




  • This set of two handmade bracelets makes a statement that is both stylish and meaningful. Handmade in Kenya exclusively for the Soko + UNTF collaboration, each bracelet features traditional materials that showcase the talents of artisans in Kenya. Hand cast brass symbol charms and glass beads in signature UNTF colors highlight our organizations' partnership to end violence against women. The Soko + UNTF bracelets will contribute to the economic empowerment of an underprivileged artisan community and, at the same time, support UNTF programmes to prevent violence against women around the world. The campaign invites you to support a better life for female artisans and to help eradicate violence against women and girls through the sale of the bracelets. Every purchase helps support the financial and physical security of women around the world. 
    • Materials: Brass, Glass 
    • 2.75" D. One size fits most.
    • Style #: UN003
    • As this product is handmade, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.
    • Product Care Guide
  • Esther and Petronilla (Petro) are Soko's in-house artisan experts, taking our exclusive collections from design into realization. Esther & Petro have a very versatile skill set and a passion for their craft. They met in Nairobi after leaving their village homes to pursue jewelry making. However, recently they were forced to close down their own workshops due to inconsistent local demand - as tourism has recently slowed in Kenya, so have their orders. Now, due to their consistent work at Soko, they are able to distribute work to other members of their community. When asked what they hope for from their work, Petro says, "I would love very much to expand the work so that I can help those less fortunate to be able to feed themselves." Esther added, "I hope that the work will expand to create employment for others and that I will do something that I will be remembered for."