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Our Impact

For something beautiful, the system that created it must also be beautiful

We're Global - But It's About Kenya.

With a robust artisan economy, multigenerational ingenuity, deep cultural roots and impressive technical skill, there is an incredible amount of talent and beauty in Kenya.

The Problem

The artisan craft sector is the second-largest employer in the developing world, yet it is also one of the most marginalized. Limited to local sales, millions of talented artisans are trapped in micro-economies, unable to earn enough to support their families.

The Solution

With an unbounded entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to try new things, Kenyans are ready and well-positioned to disrupt old patterns of poor infrastructure and economic hardship.

Through digital banking instead of a cash economy, plus accessibility to cell phones, because the entire economy is mobile-driven, we created a simple, commercially viable way to connect local artisans with the international market and industry. We’ve coined this system — a virtual factory.

What is a Virtual Factory?

A virtual factory is a proprietary mobile application developed to connect our artisan network.

Our supply chain innovation uses mobile phones to connect independent artisan entrepreneurs directly to our team and global customers, which allows artisans to receive orders and payment.

Our virtual factory standardizes manufacturing in an informal environment and provides artisan leaders with the tools and resources to preserve and improve heritage techniques to scale.

The Result

Artisans working with SOKO earn nearly 5X more than
an average artisan workshop.

Our model

The Opportunity Effect

Every time an artisan entrepreneur invests in their families and businesses, they create more economic opportunity. 


Development and Growth

SOKO provides detailed support and training to improve and enhance skillsets. After a period of apprenticeship, artisans are encouraged to build their own workshops and workforce.

The Goal

Independence and Sovereignty

We max our work at 50% or less of an artisan's total capacity to ensure an artisan has freedom and not sole reliance on SOKO. This encourages long-term, sustainable sovereignty. 

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