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Imba Mini Dangle Earrings

SKU: JE234042-GG0
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Handcrafted in Kenya
Responsibly made with recycled brass
Certified B Corp 
24K Gold Plated 
From our hands to yours

This earring is the smallest size in our trio of dangle earrings, and draws inspiration from the budding plant life of Kenya post-rainy season. Its design features petals unfurling to reveal hanging buds that jingle softly in the wind. Carefully handcrafted, each "bud" in this floral design was meticulously placed by our artisans. These dangle earrings are made from recycled brass and plated in 24K gold and chrome. 

Dimensions: 0.45in x 1.0in ( 11.5mm x 25.5mm )

IMBA, which means "sing" in Swahili, is inspired by Kenya's rainy season. In this collection, we celebrate the sights and sounds of Spring --from raindrops to the quiet sounds of new life blooming in the form of flowers and plant life. Explore the full IMBA Collection and discover our melody of handcrafted pieces inspired by our home.

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