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Women today are rewriting gender norms all over the world. The Kazi Cuff celebrates these women: the Boss Ladies, Supermoms, Trailblazers and Creators we love and look up to, and connects them to their counterparts in Kenya.

The Kazi Cuff

Made for you by women like you - women who have overcome their own unique set of challenges in Kenya to make their mark. Its simple yet meaningful design features the initials of the woman who made it next to yours - representing the power we share.

Give the gift of work

Your purchase does more than just give back, it gives dignified work to a Soko artisan. Through Soko we can transform the lives of artisans, increasing their income 5x and ensuring they can provide for their families.

20% of every bracelet purchased will go towards women's programming for artisans in Kenya.

Choose your artisan partner

Veronica (VR)

Veronica is a #BossLady, rewriting gender norms in one of Africa's largest slums. She began her career working as a receptionist at a bone craft company, learning the fundamentals of the craft. Her passion was ignited, and she left to start her own workshop. Today she is a successful business owner with four employees (including men and even elders) and trains young women in high-earning skills to make sure that they can overcome the barriers women too often face. She's a true leader in our global tribe.

The Boss Lady

Wilkester (WC)

Wilkester is a craftswoman calling on her creativity to lead a thriving business and impact the community she lives in. Her inventive designs transform would-be waste, like upcycled metals and ethical horn, into objects of beauty. She is inventive with her time as well, finding ways to both manage a team of four while also taking care of more than twenty orphans!

The Creator

Wilfrida (WO)

Wilfrida had a bold dream to lift herself and her family out of poverty. She took a risk and bought a single machine to craft jewelry, a step that transformed her life. Now on a path to financial independence, she's a role model for women in her community. A true go-getter, she's saving her earnings to purchase more machines to start her own business and help women pave their own paths to success.

The Trailblazer

Benta (BO)

Benta is the definition of a #Supermom. To her 7 children, she’s a loving provider. To her 11 employees, she’s a mentor and boss. Benta has been an entrepreneur since she finished school, first selling vegetables and sweaters she grew and knit herself. She now runs a fully-equipped workshop behind her family home. While her business success has brought her good fortune, she’s a mother first. Seeing her children, especially her daughters, grow up with access to education and positive role models is her greatest joy.

The Supermom


Thank you for supporting women around the world!