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Our revolutionary jewelry supply chain
increases income 5x for Marginalized artisans
in the developing world

The Problem

The artisan craft sector is the second largest employer in the developing world. However, it is also one of the most marginalized.

Limited to local sales, millions of talented artisans are trapped in micro economies, unable to earn enough to support their families and businesses.

Challenges faced by artisans in emerging markets:
What to Make

Lack of exposure to fashion trends makes it difficult for artisans to produce competitive designs.

Product Quality

Traditional small-scale producers lack knowledge about international quality standards.

Market Access

Out of reach from traditional communication tools, artisans are unable to connect with global consumer demand.

Finance and Capital

Without computers or bank accounts, artisans cannot accept payments from international customers.

What they do have is a

Mobile Phone

Our supply chain innovation uses the smartphone to connect independent artisan entrepreneurs directly to SOKO and our global customers. A small-scale artisan in Kenya can have her products sold by international department stores, independent boutiques, and online retailers.

Our mobile-enabled “virtual factory” operates at
a fraction of the cost of traditional
production, creating unprecedented earnings
for artisans.


artisans retain
25-35% revenue


artisans retain
2-3% revenue

This is the

New Luxury

We are redefining the aesthetics of ethical fashion; offering high quality, contemporary design paired with handmade techniques and sustainable materials

The Result is
Meaningful Impact
Number of Artisans


Income to Artisans


Products Sold