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Sabi Horn Hoop Earrings



*This item is made from natural materials meaning it is one-of-a-kind and color may vary.

  • Major favorite right here. The Sabi Horn Hoop Earrings are edgy yet sophisticated— a statement pair to wear to celebrate any day, maybe every day. Features our signature Sabi shape in horn that drops from a classic midi hoop. Handcrafted in Kenya with ethically and sustainably sourced materials using traditional artisan techniques. Made of natural materials, each item is one-of-a-kind.
    • Specifications:
    • - Height: 63mm
    • - Width: 33mm
    • - Max thickness of horn: 3mm
    • Ethically sourced horn is polished and handcrafted by Kenyan artisans using heritage techniques.
    • Handcrafted in Kenya
    • Your purchase promotes artisan innovation + entrepreneurship
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