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Nisha Ring

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  • Made of brass wire expertly fused into fresh shapes, this ring is delicate while making a big statement. 

    Soko jewelry is handcrafted by over 1,300 artisans in Kenya. 
    • Material: Brass 
    • Style #: SS1600016
    • As this product is handmade, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.
  • From a cattle herder on the border with Uganda, Ojiko has now come to be one of the most well-respected craftsmen in Kenya. Ojiko has never received a formal primary education, he requires that one speak with him in Kiswahili or his tribal language, Luo; however, he has honed his craft training over many years beginning with technical training in welding, and later in silversmithing and woodworking. He has served many apprenticeships in the jewelry industry; including brass, bone and horn crafts; prior to branching out on his own in 2011. Ojiko is a jack of all trades and master of the same.