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Horseshoe Cuff

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  • Hand-cast from brass, each cuff is a unique piece, individually crafted by the artisan using reclaimed brass door handles and sink faucets given a new life. This bracelet has a soft elegance that complements any occasion and is a beautiful wardrobe staple, handmade just for you.

    Soko Vintage Samples brings to life (once again!) the styles and artisans that helped to kickstart the mission and vision of Soko. What started as a great idea by 3 women to begin a virtual marketplace that connects artisans with the global fashion community; has now lead to a community of over 1800 artisans and 10,000's of uncompromising consumers.
    • Materials: Upcycled Brass, Chrome
    • Inner diameter: 2.1cm L, 5.3 cm W
    • Style #: KGC0012, KGC0013
    • As this product is handmade from reclaimed materials, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.
  • Kine is both a design innovator and social activist. His creations, be they bone or brass, are exceptional, infused with hints of international modernism as well as the aesthetic symmetry and balance of tribal designs and motif. Kine's pieces look as natural and fashionable on an international runway show as in Kibera, the slum in which he works at a community based organization, Kibera Arts Center. His goal is to grow his business to be able to not only support his family, but underprivileged youth in his community and their families as well. He hopes the skills they learn working with him will help them start their own businesses one day.


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