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Color Block Necklace

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  • A focal point of any outfit, this hand beaded necklace can easily catch the eye. Incorporating a modern twist into traditional bead work, the handmade Brass Eye & Hook Clasp pulls together the piece with an elegant finish.

    Soko Vintage Samples brings to life (once again!) the styles and artisans that helped to kickstart the mission and vision of Soko. What started as a great idea by 3 women to begin a virtual marketplace that connects artisans with the global fashion community; has now lead to a community of over 1800 artisans and 10,000's of uncompromising consumers.
    • Materials: Brass
    • Handmade Brass Eye & Hook Clasp
    • Style #: KFW0116YR/BP/BW/YO
    • As this product is handcrafted from upcycled materials, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.
  • Syrus is a Master in delicate brass work. The pieces he makes have very intricate details, something that only a dedicated craftsman at this skill can accomplish. This is not things one may easily tell from his quiet, easy going and laid back demeanor. He enjoys working with brass and has honed his skills to make the most beauty and value out of this raw material. He continues to produce unique pieces that are bound to keep you interested in his work for a long time.


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