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Fringe Earrings


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  • These fringed earrings, handcrafted out of hammered brass has a simple elegance that compliments any look. Pair with your favorite brass necklace.
    • Materials: Hammered Brass
    • Diameter: 1”, Fringe: 0.5 - 1.5”L
    • Style #: KGC0001/KGC0001S
    • As this product is handmade, each is one of a kind and may vary slightly.
  • Gabriel’s work is rooted deeply in tradition. His designs balance the cultural depth of his father's generation with the appeal of contemporary fashion. For example, the fringe necklace is inspired by a Kikuyu tribal necklace. The Kikuyu women wore different forms of jewelry to signify different chapters of her life. Upon betrothal a woman’s father in-law gave her the what was then known as The Kikuyu Necklace, which was made from the use of rope and bamboo sticks in the fringe design.