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Ethical Manufacturing

Put Soko's supply chain innovation to work for you

Join over 50 brands utilizing Soko's ethical manufacturing model.
Get Small Batch or High Volume - buy only what you need, when you need it, in as little as two weeks.

Private Label Manufacturing

Quality Guaranteed

Trust the product, fall in love with the story. All products are handmade and pass through five stages of quality validation to ensure only the best quality product makes it to you.

Right-Size Manufacturing

Only pay for the production hours and capacity you use within a distributed manufacturing model.

Fast & Agile Inventory

Remain responsive to consumer trends and demands, get your samples in less than 2 weeks and receive your first production batch in as little as 2 weeks.

Supply Chain Transparency

Get transparency into your entire value chain from workshop to you, using Soko's mobile field data and innovative MRP tools.

Soko's Model


Win Win

By partnering with Soko, you are able to cut out inefficiencies, reduce waste, cut costs, and stay on top of trends, resulting in a lower cost to you and higher impact to artisans.

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