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Welcome to Soko. We make fashionable, modern jewelry for progressive-minded people who care about how their jewelry is produced and who it impacts.

Soko bridges two worlds: the modern, minimalist start-up cultures of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York where we originate designs, strategize ecommerce plans and manage wholesale accounts; and the vibrant bustle of Nairobi, Kenya where our production and tech teams and the network of over 2,000 artisan jewelry makers live and work.

Every piece of Soko jewelry is handmade. Our core mission as a brand has been scaling the handmade quality of artisan made jewelry to the international market, creating unique products for our customers and booming business for our artisans. To accomplish this, our team in Kenya has developed a robust ecosystem of technological tools and hands-on, community engagement.

Artisans and their skills, techniques, passions and pride are the life-source of Soko. Many of our artisan jewelry makers live in a neighborhood in Nairobi called Kibera, an area of extreme poverty home to 170,000 people and considered the largest urban slum in Africa.

We have found in Kibera a culture of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and ambition that is as inspiring as it is impressive. At every step we have grown as a brand, the artisan community that produces our jewelry has grown twofold, expanding their workshops, training new artisans and strengthening and deepening the culture in Kibera.

From the artisan workshops of Kibera to the open floorplan or our San Francisco headquarters, Soko is a truly international team of diverse skillsets with a shared mission of impacting the world through handcrafted jewelry.

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