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STUDIO AFRICA: Fashion Meets Awareness

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Diesel+EDUN have paired up to bring us yet another killer collection for Fall/Winter 2013. Manufactured in northern Africa using ethically grown Ugandan cotton, their denim collection features elements from Malian textile prints, embroidery seen in traditional Zulu weaving pattern, and Kenyan metalwork embellishments.  Where did they draw inspiration from, you ask?  The collection references the deep blue sky and the dark nights of the African desert. 



But don’t think the mission of Diesel+EDUN stop once they produce ethically made, African inspired clothing.  The larger scheme of the project is to raise awareness to the prolific creativity and sustainable economic opportunity that lies in the continent, as well as to promote the ‘trade not aid’ approach to development.  

Thus, a campaign called STUDIO AFRICA came into fruition comprised of nine talented African artists in fashion, film, music, literature, and photography in hopes to spread the word.  The unstoppable line-up includes Côte d’Ivoire menswear designer  Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud, South Africa photography collective I See a Different You, and Tanzanian fashion model Flaviana Matata, among others.