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The Power of Women

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Today is Blog Action Day and in lieu of the discussion on human rights, we felt it necessary to specifically touch upon the stance of women within this realm.

Women all around the world have faced obstacles based on gender for as long as we can remember; yet it is said that through the empowerment of women, we will be able to achieve equality, development, and peace. In Africa, women receive less education, lower wages, and lack of selection of jobs, yet are often responsible for the household income as well as the bulk of the household duties. Not to mention their subjection to violence and economic discrimination.

Through the education of young girls, basic fundamental skills can be set in place to positively shape the future of the continent… and broadly the world at large.

UN Women are doing great work in this field. Another organization that also shares this ideology is United Africans for Women & Children Rights. They recognize the suppression of women in Africa, and actively promote awareness and provide solutions towards narrowing the inequality gap. Take a browse through their site to learn more on the topic and how you can contribute towards women’s rights.

Soko artisans are mainly women but also men who support the economic empowerment of women!