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The Heart of Soko

Soko has developed a unique technological capability that links artisans from around the world to our online marketplace via a simple SMS mobile device.  Using these mobile devices, artisans create a storefront profile where they can easily post, manage, and sell their products globally without the need to access a computer, internet, or bank account.  We refer to this marketplace as the ‘heart of Soko’ because it is where the company began and where it continues to drive our innovative technologies.  Our hope is to alleviate the middleman and costly logistics that many of these artisans face.


It is also a place of discovery for Soko, where we are able to learn realtime what products you the shopper loves best; and support the artisans in molding their products in response to consumer demands.  We also facilitate the relationship between artisans and brands and/or wholesale organizations to ensure their products get the public recognition they deserve.

Once the checkout is complete, we guarantee the artisans receives their full compensation in the correct currency, and the shopper gets their goods.  Within 7-10 days you should be ready to rock your new bling!