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Meet Michael, Soko’s Product Development Fellow

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Prior to #sokostyle hitting the shelves, we have a few key people behind the scenes that dream up these designs- Michael Nguthu is a part of that team! Michael, a Product Development Fellow, has already made a positive impression on us with his eye for design, style and engaging personality. Let’s get to know him a little better! 


Michael Kimanthi

Work Title:
Product Development Fellow

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I have lived here all my life. I have a passion for fashion design, photography, writing and film. I am currently in my fourth year of design school.


(Picture of Uhuru Park with Nairobi City Skyline in the background- Photographed by Michael)

What drew you to Soko?
Oftentimes when people talk about something that was made ethically, people believe that something has to be given up in the process; products are either of low quality or of astronomically high cost, or they are very unattractive.

Soko is one of the few companies that I feel has reached a balance by providing beautiful, affordable and high quality jewelry. Also, I have worked with artisans before and I enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives. Working at Soko has allow me to continue doing that!

When I’m not working I love to…
Read and cook!

What is your personal style? Do you have a style icon?
My ideal personal style is Nordic style (My wardrobe doesn’t reflect that but that will change soon!) and I would accessorize with ethnic pieces to add a bit of complexity.


What’s your favorite Soko piece?
The new fall/winter 2015 collection is soon to be released so I’d have to choose an item from that collection. The Dash Hoops makes the right amount of statement while also being righteously subtle. 

Favorite travel destination
Anywhere with a beach. I love Diani, Watamu (especially) and Kilifi (the Bofa area, because it is super relaxing).


What’s your Soko six (six things that you’re obsessed with right now)?

  1. Shoes with fur. I am especially obsessed with these two shoes by Brother Vellies and Gucci that I feel would be the perfect shoe to go to the supermarket with.
  2. The Sound Of Music. I hadn’t watched the movie before, but now I am obsessed.
  3. Nairobi Pizza Week, which is starting this week. It’s basically an answered prayer!
  4. The iPad Pro. I want one because I can sketch on it, which would make my work so much easier because I can create any time I am inspired.
  5. Christian Lacroix iPhone Case
  6. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. In addition to it being a necessary and enlightening book on women in the workplace, it has taught me valuable lessons on planning your career.