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Soko Spotlight: Veronicah

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Meet Veronicah, our bone and horn maven. Veronicah lives and works in Kibera, a town outside of Nairobi. Veronicah is soft-spoken but her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to train with a local community group in order to build her own small design-and-production business.


Veronicah first entered the industry at 24 years old when she was employed as a receptionist at a bone craft company - here her passion was ignited. Her interest in the craft grew and she took the initiative to spend time helping in the workshop. Through this she was able to learn the fundamentals of bone crafting.

In 2012 Veronicah felt equipped to leave her previous employer and she began her own business. Soon after she was introduced to Soko and benefitted from our early training and product development sessions. Here she learned about photography, product design, and branding. Veronicah began selling her products on the Soko website in mid-2013 which was the start of an amazing journey for her.


Through her collaboration with Soko Veronicah has changed her life and even been able to help other artisans. Veronicah is able to support her family, which includes her mother, brother and two cousins, financially. Through the Soko-Kiva partnership Veronicah was able to take out a loan and buy a smartphone, allowing her to photograph her products and use social media to reach new international clientele.


Veronicah has been able to train youth in other parts of Kenya, including her home village of Siaya, in the art of bone crafting and how to start a bone craft business. Veronicah’s business has also been so successful that she now employs two other artisans full-time in her workshop and an additional three part-time to assist with creating her beautiful designs.


Veronicah is an amazing woman, and everything she has accomplished makes her an inspiration. Throughout her home she is widely recognized for her talent and her success. Veronicah says she now has increased self-esteem and morale from her successful business and the recognition she has received.