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The Soko Six

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Find your new obsessions in our latest installment of the weekly Soko Six (we promise sticky treats and sophisticated style):


1. Keira Knightley is officially our girl crush for the week!  Her soft, sweet voice lights up Begin Again, her newest movie with Mark Ruffalo.  Our picks from the soundtrack: “Coming Up Roses” and “Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home”.  We’d kill to see her wearing our jewelry! 

2.  Silk scarves are a great way to stay cool this summer (both literally and figuratively).  Pick up a bunch of bright, colorful prints - we adore this ladylike Kate Spade creation - to pair with white jeans and neutral sundresses, or tie one in your hair…the options are endless.

3.  François Payard’s Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches: We’re giving two sticky thumbs-up to François Payard’s summer treat, made with a generous scoop of ice cream wedged between two chilled pieces of macaron cookie.  We delighted our taste buds with the Salted Caramel and Mango Coconut specials (swoon) at the West Houston location near our office – but there are several around the city, including the Upper East side!

4.  The Hammered Bangle: Our lustrous hammered brass bangle is fun, it’s shiny, and it plays well with others!  We love to mix and match it with vintage steals from our Grandmother, our favorite sparkly birthday presents, and, of course, more Soko!

5.  Blue Bottle Coffee: You know you’ve found a decent café when you order an Iced Coffee and the barista asks, “What blend?”  Toto, we’re not in Dunkin’s anymore.  I paid my first visit to Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg during our photo shoot for the next look book and fell in love with the New Orleans brew (it was the first flavor I could make out as I frantically scanned the board – without my glasses).  It’s a must-visit!

6.  Matching Separates: This is by far our favorite fashion statement of the summer.  Matching separates allow you to be professional, put-together, and perfectly on-trend all at the same time.  We’re still searching for our soul mate set (though Kate Mara’s orange suit on Riches for Rags certainly comes close) – we’ll let you know when we’ve found it.