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Weekend Delights

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With the weekend approaching, we’re starting to plan out fun things to do. One of the best things to do in New York is eat! There are so many restaurants, food trucks and fairs you can never get bored of the same food!

One New York food staple is Smorgasburg - a weekly food market held in Brooklyn with 100 different vendors selling their delectable treats. We hit up Smorgasburg last weekend, and we suggest any of our stylin’ Soko followers looking for something to do try it this weekend! 

Here are some of our recommendations:

Ramen Burger:


Probably the most famous vendor at Smorgasburg, they’re know for - surprise surprise -  The Ramen Burger! You can get it classic or with cheese, either option is delicious. We suggest either getting their early (Smorg starts at 11) or waiting for the line to die down later in the day. The combo of ramen and burger is delicious, but don’t spend half an hour in line when you could be enjoying the beautiful view or other delicious food (but make sure you don’t wait too long, they may run out)!

Home Frite

These fries are amazing! That’s all there is too it, they’re good and if you like fries (who doesn’t?) make sure you try them. But we definitely suggest saving them for last, they’re super filling - and fries travel well!

Red Hook Lobster Pound


Their Lobster and Shrimp rolls are some of the best around. Served straight across New York (from the city all the way out on Montauk) these are the real deal. They offer a few traditional styles (all of which are delicious) and you finish your roll knowing you just ate one of the best things Smorg has to offer.

Brooklyn Piggies

Pigs in a Blanket are part of some of my favorite childhood memories and such are one of my favorite foods. These piggies have been wrapped up in a delicious flaky, buttery crust and have been refined to match your now matured palettes. Simply put, we love them, and they’re definitely a don’t miss.

The Good Batch


When dessert time rolls around, head over to the Good Batch’s booth. Their delectable assortment of ice cream sandwiches can satisfy anyones sweet tooth. And with their big size, you definitely get bang for your buck.

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