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Soko Identities

Everyone has that one piece of jewelry that they feel really represents who they are, so we decided to ask some members of our team which piece of the Kenya collection they felt this connection with! 



The Chevron Fringe! In my own style, I love to contrast strong and daring elements with something unexpected, like pairing a black leather jacket with a frothy white skirt. This necklace has an edgy shape that is beautifully softened by a lightly hammered finish. And I’ve always been a sucker for fringe - it adds a little boho flair that represents my West coast roots!  



The Black Bone Collar! I love the natural look of the polished bone piece and the elegance of the gold chain. This statement necklace can be worn with a casual outfit but can also be dressed up to be a perfect fit for a more formal outfit—the versatile style of this necklace is what I love most because I can pair it with so many outfits.



Kine’s Horseshoe and Pointed Cuffs! The luster of the brass and chrome and the thick, smooth shape of the design are simple and attractive; however, the cuffs are anything but plain. The fact that they are not perfectly straight, but rather a bit bumpy, makes them unique and one of a kind. I am not someone who likes to draw a lot of attention to herself; I prefer to be understated, but still always very much my own individual, independent person. This is what I try to reflect in my style and daily life, and I think that Kine’s elegant work shares the same spirit.  I especially love to wear a bunch of the cuffs all stacked together!



The Crescent Chain Earrings: These earrings are both delicate, the hanging chains, and strong, the hammered crescent. They can be dressed up or down; styled with a girly outfit, or an edgy outfit. I never know what style I’m going to dress a certain day, and these earrings can go anyway. While containing this duality the earrings are still understated and not too showy. I feel like I can go anyway with my style, but I always try to keep it understated and from being so over the top as to draw extra attention. I’ve also always loved dangly earrings, so a beautiful pair like this easily caught my attention!



I love wearing things that I can pair with my style and that represent my personality. I love practicality aswell, so I look for pieces I can wear any day, like the Hamsa Earrings, and people will ask: Where did you get that lovely piece? I love fashion, and I like my fashion to be timeless. I love pieces like the Hatua Ring, which stands out in a subtle but firm way.