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Meet Our Summer Interns: Allison

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This summer the Soko team is very excited to bring on three new college interns to the downtown office in NYC - and we want you to meet them! This week, we’re introducing you to Allison. Check out her interview below!



My name is Allison Malin and I’m one of the social media and marketing interns at Soko. I’m originally from a small town on Long Island, but have lived in Manhattan since I started high school. I’m a rising sophomore at Columbia University where I’m planning on studying Business Management and a still to be decided second field – possibly earth and environmental sciences (the two really mesh, I know!).

What drew you to Soko?

I was drawn to Soko by the international nature of the company, the fact that it is a social enterprise, and the jewelry. I’ve grown up spending a lot of time travelling both with my family and on service trips, which has given me a great appreciation for all the world has to offer. I’ve always been the one who stops to look at all the jewelry everywhere I go and wishes I could buy it all, both because I have a bit of a jewelry addiction and because the craftsmanship is always so nice. Through my service trips I’ve really developed an appreciation for finding unique ways to help people, and that’s exactly what Soko does. Finding a company that combined all these things was so great, and I was immediately drawn to Soko because of that.

Is there anything in particular that you hope to accomplish during this internship?

I hope to see an increase in awareness of what Soko is and what Soko is doing. I also hope to see our presence in the jewelry world grow. Our artisans’ product are amazing and so is our cause, and if we could increase how many people know about it I know they would think it’s amazing to.


When I’m not working I love to…

Travel! Either with my family or on my own. My whole family loves to travel, so it’s always been a big part of my life! And when I’m home I love to take advantage of the amazing variety of concerts in New York and all the great food! I love trying new restaurants with my friends, and hitting up concerts for new up-and-coming bands or long-time favorites. New York is such a great place for being exposed to new things, be it food or music, and I love that!

What is your personal style/Do you have a style icon?

My style ranges from whatever’s comfortable to throw on that day to grunge to girly; it really depends how I’m feeling that morning (or that afternoon, sometimes I change mid-day, but who isn’t guilty of a mid-day change here and there?) I’d say the one constant in my style is jewelry: theres always a lot!

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

My favorite piece from the collection is the Tepe Mixed Media Necklace (Long). The piece is the perfect accent for any outfit. The mixture of brass, bone and horn look beautiful together, and the length is great for layering with other pieces.

Favorite travel destination?

My favorite travel destination is Southeast Asia. I went to Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam for three summers in a row with a company that does student trips, and fell in love with the region. Each country has such a unique personality, so much history, and is so beautiful; it’d be hard to not enjoy a trip there. The food was absolutely amazing too, which is always a plus, and the people were so nice and welcoming I immediately felt at home and never wanted to leave.


What team are you rooting for in the World Cup?

Right now I’m rooting for the US or Colombia, I cant decide! The US defied the odds and made it out of “The Group of Death,” and we’ve shown that we’re a team that can really play! And Colombia is just amazing; they have so much heart, their goal celebration dance looks so fun, and at this point in the cup, who doesn’t love James Rodriguez?

What’s your Soko Six this week (six things you’re obsessed with right now)?

My Soko Six this week are: the Tepe Mixed Media Necklace, Smorgasburg, the Buzzfeed World Cup feed, 5 Seconds of Summer’s album, the party nail trend, and Gorilla Cheese NYC’s mac and cheese bites.