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The Soko Six

This week at Soko, we’re taking you to the beach.  Whether you’re soaking in the rays on foreign shores, or struggling to find space for your towel to catch some Fourth of July fireworks (look for more patriotic posts to come, btw!), here’s six things you need by your side:


1.  Clinique Chubby Sticks:  Nothing ruins a “Beachy-Wave Vibe” more than a mouthful of sandy strands stuck to your lip gloss – or worse, cracked, parched lips baking in the sun under a mask of heavy lip stick.  These moisturizing lip balms are super-light but still packed with color; they’re the perfect summer replacement.  Besides, anything with a name this cute deserves your love (we ‘re particularly partial to “Chunky Cherry”, “Pudgy Peony”, and “Mighty Mimosa”). 

2.  Bikini Trends:  Fine – maybe we’re jumping on the already loaded bandwagon.  But the swimsuits from Australia’s Triangl and New York’s Kiini are simply irresistible.  Both brands offer a distinct style of bikini in a variety of fun, bright colors.  They’re comfortable and flattering, and oh-so-very sweet.  Besides, it’s time you stopped wearing Victoria’s Secret exclusively. 

3.  World Cup Flip-Flops:  Havaiana’s line of World Cup Soccer flip-flops are the perfect way to subtly support your favorite team 24/7.  Available in sizes for men, women, and children, they allow anyone to remain a loyal fan in style even after the Round of 16 knockouts (RIP Spain, England, Ecuador, and Italy).   

4.  The Hamsa Dangle Necklace:  The key to accessorizing at the beach is to keep it colorful, or keep it delicate.  Flirty and fresh, and made with up-cycled brass by our Kenyan artisan Ojiko, we love the Hamsa Dangle Necklace.  We dare you to add a lot sparkle – but not a lot of weight – to a day in the sun.

5.  Beachy Bags:  Everyone needs something to hold all their items and keep them safe from the sand  - and there are so many options to choose from!  We love plastic water-proof satchels, preppy monogrammed totes, and beach-themed pouches that can hold sunglasses, iPhones, jewelry, and wet bikinis. 

6.  Beach Yoga:  In light of our collaboration with Africa Yoga Project, we’re obsessed at Soko with practicing yoga in the great outdoors.  Though you may not have a jungle (and some background zebras) at your disposal, you can find classes held on the beach!  What could better help you reach your inner Zen than the soft sea breeze and the sound of waves rolling on the surf?  Sign us up!