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Meet Our Summer Interns: Charlotte

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This summer the Soko team is very excited to bring on four new college interns to the downtown office in NYC - and we want you to meet them! This week, we’re introducing you to Charlotte. Check out her interview below!



My name is Charlotte Desplan and I am one of the social media and marketing interns here at Soko. I’ve grown up in New York City, but I am originally from France, which is where the majority of my family lives. I’m a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania where I am studying Psychology and Spanish—can’t believe it’s going to be my last year already.

What drew you to Soko?

I was immediately drawn to Soko’s mission and their connection to the global fashion world. Growing up going to an international school, I was always surrounded by international cultures and always enjoyed being in this diverse environment so Soko’s global awareness really drew me in. I really wanted to experience the environment of a fast-pace growing start-up with such innovative global fashion and technology and be able to notice the impact that I would have on the company. So glad I am here and looking forward to the rest of the summer!

Is there anything in particular that you hope to accomplish during this internship?

I hope to really be able to see an increase in Soko’s presence in the jewelry world. With the other marketing interns, I really hope to increase Soko’s social media presence and present new ways for people to become interested in Soko. By hopefully launching the campus ambassador program and starting sorority relations by the end of the summer, I hope to see an increase in interest and sales within a younger student audience.

When I’m not working I love to…

Dance. I’ve been a dancer since I was a little girl and I am still dancing a lot in my modern dance company at school. I also love to play volleyball, bake and travel whenever I get the chance.


What is your personal style/Do you have a style icon?

I love to mix and match pieces and styles. Some days I’ll dress more edgy, sometimes I’ll dress preppy, but on other days, I like to dress very girly. But I think if I had to pick a style icon, it would be Kate Moss. 

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

The Brass Fringe Necklace—I’ve really been into statement necklaces recently, they can really brighten an entire outfit. This piece is bold, yet classy and very unique. 

Favorite travel destination?

Barcelona, Spain. I studied abroad there last fall and absolutely fell in the love with the city. It is a beach town, yet it has the urban environment of a city. The people are so friendly, the food is delicious, the soccer culture is amazing, the architecture is beautiful and their lifestyle is so relaxed and full of excitement. I attended a Spanish university for the semester and was able to learn about the incredible history of the city. The Catalonians have a strong sense of identity and it was so amazing to be completely immersed in their “vida española”.


What team are you rooting for in the World Cup?

France! I’m rooting for my home country, and I think they have a chance this year. Still a little bitter about the 2006 World Cup when they lost in the finals!

What’s your Soko Six this week (six things you’re obsessed with right now)?

The World Cup and the French National Team, sushi hand rolls, statement necklaces, Firefly Music Festival, maxi skirts, and the Horseshoe Brass Cuffs from Soko.


Wearing the Brass Fringe Necklace and the Horseshoe Cuff