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Celebrate the World Cup in Style With Soko!

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The World Cup kicks off tomorrow, and here at Soko we can’t wait for a month of exciting matches! So we started thinking, what better way to show off your support than with some beautiful accessories in your team’s colors?

If you’re cheering for the US, our Mara Triple Tube Necklace in red, our Large Contrast Triangle Earrings in white, and our Brass and Perspex Stack Ring in blue are a funky, alternative way to show your team colors

If you’re hoping for a hometown win, cheer Brazil on in our Shaya Necklace in blue and green paired with any of our brass bangles. This creates a lovely blue, green and gold look that shows you have your team at heart and victory on the mind!

If Spain is your team, our Colorblock Moja Choker or Colorblock Bracelet (or both!) in mustard and red will look great with your red and yellow jersey as you’re watching the games this month!

If your team is Argentina, check out our Pilar Necklace, our Brass and Perspex Stack Ring in blue and our Double Strand Bone Bracelet for an elegant way to show support while rocking blue, white and gold.

If you’re going for the gold with Germany, our Triple Strand Horn Bracelet (in black) on one wrist and the Colorblock Bracelet (in mustard and red) on the other create a great mixture of textures and show your spirit for the DFB. Or if you like to keep one wrist free, swap out the bracelet for our Colorblock Moja Choker.  

The first bracket of matches, the group stage, starts tomorrow. Some of the matches we’re most excited for (and totally suggest watching) are:

  • Brazil vs. Croatia (Thursday June 12, 4pm ET) - The first match of the tournament! With Brazil a favorite to win, not many are questioning the outcome of this game, but everyone’s excited to kick off the World Cup and see how the home team plays.

  • Germany vs Portugal (Monday June 16, Noon ET) - Two powerhouse teams! (plus everyone loves a glimpse of Cristian Ronaldo (PRT) looking great on the field!)

  • Spain vs Netherlands (Friday June 13, 3pm ET) - Spain won the last world cup, as well as the last two (2008, 2012 European Championships, so all eyes are on them to see how they do this World Cup.

  • Ghana vs USA (Monday June 16, 6pm ET) - The Ghana team has eliminated the US from the last two World Cups, so it’ll be interesting to see how the match goes, and (for Americans) to see if the US can beat Ghana.

  • England vs Italy (Saturday June 14, 6pm ET) - Two of the best teams in the world, and an important deciding factor in which two of three powerhouses from group D (England, Italy and Uruguay) will move on to the knockout stage.

If you’re not the biggest soccer fan, or you’ve never watched a World Cup before and need a quick crash course to keep up check out this article full of helpful World Cup 2014 info.

Happy watching!