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The Soko Six

Hello everyone and happy Monday!  Here is our latest installment of the Soko Six - six things we’re obsessing over this week - to get you started on your day:


1.  Cool Clutches: Whether you’re going to a beach party or are just really amped for Shark Week, Edie Parker’s playful clutches are something to save for.

2.  So many bracelets, so little time.  Pick up one (or all six!) of our peppy Colorblock Bracelets to brighten any summer look.

3.  Dave Franco: What can we say?  The man loves cats, and his career is taking off; you can catch him as the leading funnyman in theaters this month in 22 Jumpstreet alongside Channing Tatum, and in Neighbors with Zac Efron.  Check out his exclusive interview in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s July 2014 edition.

4.  Spray Tans: Get the summer glow you want without the harmful rays!  Benefit’s Spray Tan beauty bar is our personal favorite (and we promise you won’t come out Oompa-Loompa-y). 

5.  We’re green with envy…for this elegant mint maxi skirt!  Paired with a crop top (and a bunch of our Soko cuffs), you can float through June in style and grace. 

6.  Detox Water: Erase the signs of an exhausting workweek with this delicious detox water!  Infused with lemon, strawberries, apple, cinnamon, and mint, it will not only brighten your skin, but also help to control junk food cravings!