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The Faces of FACES23

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This month we’re excited to share photos from our collaboration with Kenyan photographer Victor Peace. The portraits are part of the FACES 23 Project, a series of 23 photos of 23 different people, which we’re sponsoring along with TIFA makeup.


One of the first portraits is the beautiful Miss Yvonne, popularly known as “Yvonne the diva of love”, and the host of a popular Kenyan reality dating show called Tujuane (loosely translated to “let’s know each other”). Super sassy and fun, Yvonne was kind enough to sit down with Soko and share a bit of her story.


Here is the side of Yvonne that few people know of:

  1. She attended medical school in the USA where she practiced briefly before she had the sudden desire to move to Kenya.
  2. An only child, Yvonne had a hard time convincing her mother why she wanted to leave a good job and move to Kenya where she knew no one (Yvonne was born in Kenya but raised in the US for most of her life).
  3. Yvonne moved to Kenya and gave herself a deadline - If she failed to find something to do in three months, she would go back to her old life in the US. By a sheer stroke of luck, she met the producers of Tujuane during her third month in Kenya, launching her TV career.

Yvonne is not only gorgeous (doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in the Cleopatra necklace?), but also smart and ambitious. Now a growing celebrity in Kenya, Yvonne’s story is the perfect example of the importance of following your dreams! A true #SokoWoman who is empowered, ambitious and stylish.