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Decadent poetry at ‘Fatuma’s Voice’ -Stella Njoki

A little known fact about Nairobi is that it is a hub of art and culture. Many modern Nairobians are visual, written, or spoken artists. With the help of global celebrities such as actress Lupita Nyongo, this vibrant art scene is growing quickly and gaining recognition among an international audience.

I recently attended a poetry event, “Fatuma’s voice,” which was aimed at voicing the thoughts of the ordinary everyday Kenyan. It was an amazing blend of song and prose hosted in a building that serves as the creative hub of some of Nairobi’s best graffiti artists.


A talented neo soul artist, Anto Neosoul, also performed at the event, and gave eager ears advice on how to make it in the music and art industry. He shared a teaser to his upcoming album – sample the single here.

Anto Neosoul has an awesome single he just released as a teaser to his upcoming album. Sample “Paid My Dues” here.

Fatuma’s Voice was emblematic of the burgeoning art scene in Nairobi – laughter, talent and enlightenment all wrapped up in one.