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Meet the Artisan: Gabriel (Part II)

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When it comes to his work, Gabriel takes great pride in his innovative designs.

“People tell me that my designs are very unique, and that I should never change and be like the others who copy each other,” says Gabriel.  “I learned the craft from my father, but I improved his designs with my own ideas and I keep on looking for ways to improve my work and create new and unique [pieces]”

Gabriel’s jewelry is made from materials including brass, aluminum, copper, and beads of all materials. He sources them within downtown Nairobi and from the industrial area. Crafting with high quality material is very important to Gabriel, as selling authentic products builds trust with his clients. 

A typical day finds Gabriel at the workshop by 8 AM. He does some work before heading out to man his shop on Biashara Street in Nairobi’s central business district. On Thursdays and Fridays, he heads out to the artisan market commonly known as the Maasai market. The Maasai market is the best place to discover authentic African jewelry, crafts and fabric in Nairobi. In his free time, he experiments with new products.

And there’s more to Gabriel than his work - he is a budding photographer and an avid soccer fan (his team is Man-City). 

A self-taught artist, Gabriel has no formal design training, but he hopes to one day have his own gallery and showcase his product internationally. Though his work with Soko, Gabriel has been exposed to markets he has “only dreamt of before.” We can’t wait to bring you more innovative designs in our future collaborations with this talented artisan!