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Meet Anya Raza, the face of Soko

Of Dutch/Pakistani origin, Anya Raza, the face of Soko, is currently exploring her heritage as a global citizen. With a passion for development, she has set up several campaigns to support Pakistan during times of difficulty and unrest, always with the motto ‘empowerment through dignity’. Anya suffers from perpetual wanderlust, consistently seeking to challenge her trajectory and find the best version of herself in the process.

What inspires you?
Selflessness – the connections with ourselves and the outside world - how we behave when we think no one is looking. The strength of being vulnerable and the micro-movements that ensue – this could be as deep as wholly listening to someone who has a story to tell, or as shallow as the dance move you do walking down the street with your headphones on.

You’ve travelled a large part of the world. Favorite travel story?
Lying on the floorbed of the sea off the coast of the Galapagos Islands, as 11 Manta Rays slowly flew over me. I have never felt like more of an alien and it humbled me how little I knew about anything, and how important it was to explore.

What do you do in your downtime? What makes you happy?
I am an avid lover of music and movement, interaction and immersion. I love losing myself with the people I love, so there’s a lot of writing, theatre, dance and nature in my life. Oh, and puns.


Describe your style. What makes a good look?
It’s important to recognize your body type and finds accents and cuts to flatter. On myself I see a trend of casual feminine looks, playful at times, with a strong accessory or two.

What are you drawn to about Soko?
Besides the fact that Soko’s mandate fundamentally resonates with my motto of empowerment through dignity, with my Dutch/Pakistani background I am a big fan of the melange between ethnic and modern. Each piece is a statement piece on its own, and can kill in any outfit.

What is your favorite ‘must-have’ piece from the Kenya Collection?
I see myself wearing the Infinite Coil most often:


But for a wilder night, I love the Cleopatra piece, as well as the Maasai Beaded Collar.


What advice do you have for young women who want to help create positive change?
Embrace your individuality.While it’s important to have role models, it’s important to be introspective and investigate what our greatest traits as an individual are and how we can use them to our advantage. Leave no room for insecurity or comparison because that’s a web in itself.