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Cape Town 2014

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Some exciting news for the design community in Africa - this month marks the start of World Design Capital 2014 in Cape Town!  World Design Capitals recognise the value of design thinking, and are dedicated to using design as tool for social, cultural and economic development. We’re thrilled that the design world will be turning their focus to Africa this year, recognizing the importance of design thinking as a transformative tool in regions not yet known as established centers of design.

Events and curated projects throughout the year will highlight the creativity coming out South Africa. For a full list of the 450+ project, visit the World Design Capital official website.

Looking forward to seeing the innovation that will come out of this incredible event. Are you attending WDC Cape Town? We’d love to hear about your experience! Tweet us @shop_soko and let us know what’s trending in Cape Town!

Why Cape Town? Check out their bid video!