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Meet Natalie Stavas

Soko loves to celebrate strong, savvy, and stylish women - what we call our #Sokobabes. Natalie Stavas certainly fits that description. As a pediatric resident at Harvard, a marathon runner, and a volunteer medic in Haiti, she manages to effortlessly pair her numerous achievements with impeccable style and taste - we couldn’t be prouder to discover her love for Soko jewelry! Natalie took a moment to give us a glance into her day-to-day life, inspirations, and style - read on for the inside scoop! 

Soko: You’re a huge inspiration to a lot of people. What inspires you?
I am very honored you think of me as an inspiration.

I am inspired by people in this world who have overcome great odds and tragedy, who still wake up every day with hope, a smile and put others before themselves. For example, I was in Haiti this past June. A young mom had walked 10 miles carrying her child, waited in line for 5 hours in 100 degree weather, just for me to prescribe her vitamins to help her child grow. She thanked me profusely, and hugged me, and cried saying she was so grateful I saw her child. She had lost her first born child in the earthquake. She is my inspiration…resilient, brave, and compassionate. One of the most beautiful women I have ever met.

Soko: Do you have a special mantra or any tactics you use when faced with great challenges?
I do what is important. I do what is important for the children I take care of. I do what is important for people who are suffering in some way. And if I stick to my belief that I am doing something important, then I can over-come any great challenge.

Soko: How would you describe your style?
When I am not wearing scrubs, I like to combine simplicity with creativity. At work I am constantly moving, on my feet for up to 16 hours. I like to wear an outfit that is comfortable, commands attention, and turns heads, in a professional way.

Soko: Style icon?
Kate Middleton. I love her simple, chic, yet fun outfits

Soko: What’s a typical morning look like for you?
My mornings usually involve waking up around 5 am to run before work, taking my puppy out for a walk, and making a huge pot of coffee. I wish I could say I am super put together and have my clothes picked out, however I usually try on an average of 7 different outfits before I walk out the door. My puppy always helps me pick out my socks :).

Soko: What attracted you to Soko?
At first I was simply blown away by the jewelry. The design and material is just stunning. But then I discovered that Soko was “created by women for women to fashion a better world.” This really spoke to me. I work with so many young women who struggle at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid. It is companies and opportunities like this that help lift young women out of poverty, giving them and their children a chance at life.

Soko: What’s your favorite piece from the Kenya Collection?
My favorite piece is the Brass Fringe necklace. It’s so versatile and extraordinary. So far I have worn it on Good Morning America, for a CNN interview, to a wedding and to work. Everywhere I wear it people are blown away and ask where I got it.

Soko: What advice would you give young women setting out in their career?

Perseverance. To get where I am today I went through 4 years of nursing school, 4 years of pre-medical classes, 4 years of medical school and three years of residency. There were many times when I wanted to give up. There were many tears shed. Even in the darkest of hours you need to persevere, not loose sight of your vision and fight for your beliefs.

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