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Soko joins the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise

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Soko is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise! The Alliance, hosted by The Aspen Institute, is a collaborative effort among more than 30 organizations, companies, and individuals committed to promoting the advancement of the artisan sector in the developing world.

Founded in 2012, the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise was created to support and grow artisan enterprises, provide best practice services to the organizations that support them, and to support the broader recognition of the importance of the artisan sector to development and preservation of cultural heritage.

As the newest members of the Alliance, we’re thrilled to begin contributing to their goals. These include raising awareness for the role of artisans in economic growth, communicating the value of artisan work through, helping to create sustainable livelihoods, and advancing the well-being of women, among others. Soko joins the likes of Coca-Cola, West Elm, Walmart, Global Goods Partners, and the US State Department working to scale artisan enterprises globally.


In support of this community, West Elm just released the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise mug, and will donate 50% of the every mug purchase to the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise to support the artisan sector. You can purchase the mug here. Cheers to West Elm for helping to strengthen the Alliance community!