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#12DaysofSoko: Focus on Bone Craft

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Our Camel Quill Earrings are named for their unique appearance resembling porcupine quills, as well as the use of reclaimed camel bone to form the delicate white rods.

Although camel bone sounds like an unlikely material for jewelry, this kind of work is some of the most amazing material currently coming out of Kenya’s artisan communities. The bones are all sourced from local butcheries, where they would otherwise be headed to overflowing dumps in the slums. Once in the hands of a skilled craftsman or woman, the bones are cleaned, cut, sanded, and polished into the glowing forms that make some of our most popular products.


Soko products are made from ethically sourced cow, goat, and camel bone and horn.  Our artisans’ work with these materials is an amazing example of upcycling – converting a waste product into an object of beauty. Cow bone is polished into the lustrous beads of Kine’s Mahali Block pieces and the soft matte of Veronicah’s Double Strand necklace. The organic marbling of cow horn lends elegance to the Triple Strand Bracelet, while horn’s color variation creates drama and contrast in the Nusu Necklace. 

The popularity of bone jewelry has encouraged Veronicah to expand her own business, after growing from selling 10 pieces a month to fulfilling orders for 200.  

Janet is one of several artisans who specialize in bone craft. A brilliant designer and determined businesswoman, she has a talent for blending tradition into exquisite contemporary designs. 

The Camel Quill Earrings and Necklace are a true delight to wear, look at, and feel, showcasing Janet’s creative gift and the beauty of bone jewelry.