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Soko x Positive Luxury

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Attentive Soko shoppers may have noticed that for the past week, we have had a blue butterfly at the top of our homepage. We’re very proud to announce that this blue butterfly is the Mark of Positive Living, awarded to Soko by Positive Luxury. The butterfly is the world’s first interactive trustmark, awarded by Positive Luxury to show what brands and companies are doing on their journey to better people and the planet.

The Positive Luxury trustmark shows website visitors what efforts that company has made towards bettering the community and the environment. Just hover your mouse over the trustmark and the information will drop down - on Soko’s page, you can see that we have been noted for Social and Environmental Practices, as well as Philanthropy, covering our work with artisans, capacity building, entrepreneurial support, and the use of upcycled and recycled materials to create our jewelry products.

Like Soko, Positive Luxury is also a women-founded enterprise, created in 2011 by Young Global Leader, Diana Verde Nieto and founder of, Karen Hanton. They founded Positive Luxury on the belief that living a positive life shouldn’t be about compromising style, comfort or consumption. It’s just about knowing which brands to buy from. And Soko is very proud to be one of them!

View our Brand Profile on the Positive Luxury site.