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Meet Benta

Meet Benta, a 42-year-old mother of seven who has worked with Soko for three years, who’s worked her way up to workshop manager.

Benta says it’s her kids’ lives who have benefited the most since she started working with Soko three years ago. While many families in Rongai aren’t able to afford to send their kids to school (especially daughters), Benta is fortunately enough to have no trouble paying her children’s school fees.

She’s been a creative entrepreneur since she finished school, first selling vegetables and sweaters she knit herself. Then she met her husband and joined him in the glass-making business until they transitioned to brass casting. They now run a fully-equipped workshop in their family compound, where Benta manages 11 employees, plus materials sourcing and bookkeeping.

As for work-life balance, “I’m a mother first,” she says. “I spend most of my day at the workshop, and at the end of the day, I fetch my children from school and spend the evening with them.”

Her hard work has paid off: Benta’s workshop now generates 10x more revenue that when she and her husband first started it.

30% of each Soko purchase goes directly to the artisan who made it. Support Benta and others like her!