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source your products ethically

Work with international artisans to create unique and ethically sourced products.

Our Commitments

Premium, sustainable materials:
local, ethical sourcing and heritage craftsmanship

Attainable Luxury: Fair pricing
for high quality, handmade goods.

Social Impact: Empowering
artisan entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Our Retailers


Your purchase supports a network of artisan entrepreneurs in Kenya. By injecting revenue into low income communities, Soko’s economic and social impact grow as our sales grow. For every wholesale order, an unprecedented 25 - 35% of revenue stays with artisans. But we don’t stop there — our Artisan Entrepreneurship team works every day to build the capacity of our artisans to manage and grow their businesses and recruit more talented microentrepreneurs into our growing network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your typical lead times?
Standard orders are handmade to order and will be delivered in 4-8 weeks. We also have a limited offering available for immediate delivery—please contact us for a copy.
Do you have a minimum or maximum order size?
Our minimum order is $400. We have no limitations on quantities and have the capacity to produce bulk orders in 1-2 month lead times.
What kind of horn and bone do you use?
Our cow horn and bone pieces are made using recycled Ankole cattle horn. The horn and bone is a natural byproduct of the food industry, reclaimed from local butcheries in Nairobi.
I've never ordered jewelry from Kenya, how do I know what quality to expect?
We have a dedicated quality control team in Nairobi working closely with our artisans partners to ensure that every Soko product adheres to our specific quality standards. We are proud to offer handmade products that demonstrate not only the care and craftsmanship of every artisan, but also the Soko certified consistency and and quality that make us a trusted retail partner.

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