Meet Our Team

We met in Nairobi, Kenya, where we were inspired to create technology solutions to change the lives of those around us. With Soko, we did just that. Soko was born out of a love of design, a combination of global perspectives, the desire to connect and empower entrepreneurs via the use of the technology around us, and a belief that women can change the world.

Meet the Founders

Ella Peinovich

Ella, a graduate of MIT, has worked on social enterprises in and around the slums of Nairobi for the past 3 years. With experience in systems design and a desire to improve women’s autonomy in a sustainable manner, Ella is one of the chief visionaries and designers of Soko.

Gwendolyn Floyd

Gwen is an internationally recognized expert in mobile technology for development. Specializing in solutions design at the intersection of social systems & technology, Gwen leverages her commitment to creating more equitable models of international trade to manage strategy & marketing at Soko.

Catherine Mahugu

Catherine has been involved in various ICT for development projects including with Stanford’s Nokia Africa Research Center building mobile apps for informal communities. At Soko, Catherine leads innovation to foster new scalable and appropriate solutions for entrepreneurs.


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